Who is Rezin Howes "The Business Answer Man"

In June of 1998 I was working as a Chef/Consultant at a Country Club.  They wanted someone to come in and help them fix what they were doing wrong and save them a bunch of money in the process.  What business doesn't right!

This is when i knew in my heart that I wanted to become an Entrepreneur.  I enjoyed my short time there helping them get on their feet and handing the helm over to someone else that wanted to make a career there. My career was being my own boss and helping people through their difficult business struggles.

When did I start my very first Podcast?

It was later this year in 1998 right before Thanksgiving that I showed up at a friends house and asked her what she thought about helping me record this audio onto my computer and publish it for the whole world to hear. Needless to say she was reluctant and the first couple recording I did I thought I knocked them out of the park. However her opinion of them were less then satisfactory!  It didn't matter to me what anyone thought of this media format, I loved it, and I loved recording my thoughts on society and business.

I was uploading all my recordings to my web server over a 26k dial up internet connection.  I would often pray that the internet didn't hang up for idle out before the upload was completed, or I was starting all over.  It would sometimes take 3 or more hours to get the media uploaded.

In 2013 I picked up podcasting again and started researching all the new technologies that were out there and how this media platform would work great with business and entrepreneurs.  I have launched a few shows including, Todays American Family, Awaken the Nations Podcast and Good Morning Tucson.  All of these leading up to what I really wanted to podcast about was business, thus the Rezin Howes Podcast Show will launch in early fall.

I have developed this platform to help you take your business, your message and your media outreach to a new level.

Business Consultant

I have helped increase profits and systems with Insurance Companies, Super Markets, Internet Service Providers, Newspapers and have owned Child Care Facilities, launched mall concepts "Zoom Riding Animals", Oil and Gas Leasing Company.

How this site can Help You

If you have a business and if you are looking for the next step to take your business to that next level please contact me and see how I can be of help.  Sometimes we have the answers we just need the resources and how to use them.  I am in the process of compiling a list of training classes and how to's that will help coach you on this journey.

I look forward to helping you take what you do to the next level.